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Welcome to the Fiverr Mastery Course 2021 | Learn the Secrets to Secure Orders on Fiverr by HBA Services Fiverr is the world's largest freelance services marketplace for lean entrepreneurs to focus on growth & create a successful business. It is easier to learn and use when you take this course because you get to see what works for top-rated sellers! ⭐ What you'll learn: ◼ How to rank your Fiverr gig on top to get order on Fiverr ◼ 8 ways to get orders on Fiverr ◼ How to sell your services at high value as a beginner ◼ SEO techniques according to your skill set for high rankings About: Hi, my name is Hafiz Basit Ali. I have been working as a Freelancer on Fiverr. Plus I have so been teaching freelancing and how to build online businesses on my YouTube channel (HBA Services) from almost 2 years. Many of my students are now working on Fiverr and earning a good amount of money according to their skill sets. I know what kind of problems people are facing as beginners or even existing users who some badges but struggle to get orders. How do I know? Because I have faced these problems too. However, there is no need to worry. You can very much make money on Fiverr according to your skillset if pointed in the right direction. If you are hoping to use Fiverr to work online or build a business, I think you will love this course because it is the most complete Fiverr video course available online today! 👉 This course is not for: ◼ People who want to become rich overnight ◼ People who are looking for an earning course. This is a full Fiverr course. ◼ People who don't have any skills, patience or a learning attitude. Best of luck for your Fiverr journey.

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Getting to know Fiverr as a platform and its various levels.

  • Introduction 1min 43sec
  • Fiverr Basics 2min 5sec
  • Fiverr Level System 6min 2sec

Learn how to set up an SEO-friendly, effective Fiverr profile.

  • How To Make an Attractive Fiver Profile 3min 36sec
  • Fiverr Test System 9min 17sec
  • Fiverr Pricing Analysis 4min 5sec

Most important section of this course around SEO & optimizations on Fiverr. I recommend watching at least two times

  • Overview 3min 18sec
  • Competitor Analysis 7min 17sec
  • Keyword Research 9min 6sec
  • SEO Friendly Gig Creation 27min 38sec
  • Important Fiverr SEO Metrics 8min 30sec
  • Fiverr Gig Analysis 16min 24sec
  • Best Tool for Fiverr Gig 11min 53sec
  • Advanced Fiverr SEO 12min 30sec

Explore White Hat Techniques to get orders on Fiverr.

  • Right Usage Of Gig's Quantity 8min 58sec
  • Right Use of Buyer Request 6min 50sec
  • Use Social Media To get Orders 7min 10sec

Learn in depth about Black Hat Techniques for Fiverr to secure orders.

  • Right Way To Get Fake Orders 6min 8sec
  • Get Orders From Other Freelancers 3min 18sec
  • How To Down Your Competitor 4min 26sec

Understand Fiverr better with a go through of all the pros and cons of the platform, and how to work with them.

  • Fiverr Pros 3min 23sec
  • Fiverr Cons 4min 28sec

Final words, learning paths, advice and more.

  • Thank You 2min 13sec
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About Expert

Hafiz Basit Ali

YouTuber @ HBA Services | Fiverr Freelancer | Instructor

1st Pakistani Freelancer and Freelance Trainer to hit 100k Subs on YouTube


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  • Muhammad Nouman Khan

    Verified by Airschool

    The course was informative and value-adding, I have learned a lot. You deserve appreciation for this effort, more power to you!

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    Huzaifa Asad

    Verified by Airschool

    I have learnt many important points about gig creation on fiverr according to seo for high ranking. Thanks sir for this precious course. High recommended to others to know these important tips and tricks before getting started on fiverr :)

  • Syed Adeel

    Verified by Airschool

    good tips and tricks

  • Azan Ahmed

    Verified by Airschool

    This course is very helpful for me JazakALLAH for your effort 😊

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    Faraz Haider

    Verified by Airschool

    Super course, must follow it!

  • Muhammad Adnan Ansari

    Verified by Airschool

    I Love your style of teaching. Thank you

  • Sohaib Qureshi

    Verified by Airschool

    Amazing Course Thank You

  • Adeel Mughal

    Verified by Airschool

    great information for success


    Verified by Airschool

    Excellent efforts Hafiz Abdul Basit sir

  • Abeeha Natiq

    Verified by Airschool

    Thank you so much for this support and make it easy for us.

  • Urooj junaid

    Verified by Airschool

    This course is truly unique and very helpful for me JazakALLAH for your effort 😊

  • Muhammad Tanveer Zafar

    Verified by Airschool

    Excellent Course. Highly Recommended.

  • Muhammad Saqib Hayat

    Verified by Airschool

    I enjoyed the course and learned a lot from it. This is the best online course I've taken. The content and delivery style were easy to follow. I will highly recommend it. Thanks, Sir BASIT for this amazing course

  • M

    Munazza Khan

    Verified by Airschool

    Very very useful for every beginner. Sary new log sirf ye Dekho or Kam shuru Karo. Lakin Jo log basit bhai k shuru sy subscriber Han to apko ye sab phly sy pata Jon hi.

  • Muhammad azhar saleem

    Verified by Airschool

    Amazing Experience!

  • A

    Ammar Zahoor

    Verified by Airschool

    Best Ever Course ❤️ Pahle apka youtube seo course dekha youtube per buhat ziada faida mila tha Mujhe buhat Ziada umeed he Inshallah ❤️ is se be success milege

  • M

    Mustajab Haider

    Verified by Airschool

    How could I get a certificate for this course? The Course was awesome and learned alot

  • Usama_Ashraf

    Verified by Airschool

    Advance Level Course, Really Learn A lot from this Course and 1000% Recommended for all Newbies ( No More Need to purchase Fiverr Course After Completing this)

  • Creator Top 10

    Verified by Airschool

    Great Experience Basit Bhai I learn Lots of thing for you

  • Malik Asim

    Verified by Airschool
  • Muhammad Nasir

    Verified by Airschool

    The best paid course i have ever done. Thank you Basit bhai for the amazing course. 💕😊

  • A

    Abbas Ali

    Verified by Airschool

    Very informative.

  • M Adeel

    Verified by Airschool

    thanks for this. very helpful sir.

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    Muhammad Hamza

    Verified by Airschool

    Bohat Kuch sekha, Very Helpful Recommended :)

  • Ali Raza

    Verified by Airschool

    Very informative course, I am completely satisfied with this course. Thank you

  • S

    Sadaf Iqbal

    Verified by Airschool

    The course was amazingly superb. Nowadays Hardwork+ Smart work is key to success, all tips and tricks are effective to boost your gig if you really wanna grow on Fiverr as a seller, I would highly recommend you to attend this course. Thank you HBA Services for this course + friendly cost price, so anyone can afford this, thanks again!!

  • Muhammad Ali Saleem

    Verified by Airschool

    I learn a lot, excellent, 100% Recommended Thank you Basit Sir. Allah Pak apko kamiyabi den. ameen

  • Arifah Rahman

    Verified by Airschool

    Thank you Hafiz sir, This course is really helpful. You can try definitely.

  • Ibrahim Waqar

    Verified by Airschool

    Thanks HBA. overall course is too much useful for all new beigginers even I am level 1 seller and almost done the requirements of level 2 but to be honest many of things taught by hafiz basit ali is very use even for me. i was not heard about that tricks before. but last i sugest you that fiverr changes its policy towards test taken now it gives you different questions at every attemp .You cannot find all the questions at search engine. Thanks, May Allah bless you.Keep learning .stay blessed Muhammad Ibrahim

  • O

    Owais Nasim

    Verified by Airschool

    Thank You Basit bai for such a nice course. I complete my course and gain too much information about fiverr. Thanks again you really do a good work for us.

  • Usman Arshad

    Verified by Airschool

    This man provides premium knowledge for free and as its premium course it has very helpful content for newbies. urdu ch kwan ty free ch bhai rasta dikhanda premium ch manzil tk pohancha dinda

  • Shaban ALi

    Verified by Airschool

    Basit Sir! Hope this course changes my life because now I know what is Fiverr and how we get orders on Fiverr and inshallah I will be successful in my goal ameen! And lastly thank you so much.

  • Ritik Kumar Rathi

    Verified by Airschool

    Great Course 👍 👍 Learn Lot Of Things & Get Full Knowledge Of Fiverr 😍😍 Thank You Sir May God Bless You 😊😊

  • Sonija Soft

    Verified by Airschool

    Excellent Course

  • Sheikh Fahad

    Verified by Airschool

    Hafiz basit ali has done an exceptional work.. thanks

  • Ans Tariq

    Verified by Airschool

    Yes. There are a lot of points to understand this Fiverr platform in order to perform best of yours. Strongly recommended. Thank you so much hafiz sahab.

  • Amjad Mahmood

    Verified by Airschool

    A great, time saving, concise an comprehensive course. I have got several professional tips from this course. I have watched this course and now watching again from the beginning and implementing it on my Fiverr profile. I would like to say thanks to team HBA for making such a unique course.

  • Okasha Sajjad

    Verified by Airschool

    They're so great. He gives Expert Tip and Tricks this HBA method is helping me to grow my Fiverr Profile, Gig, and much more. ( Highly Recommended for New or Old Sellers ) HBA Please I request you for Upwork Expert Course and More Trustable Platforms... And Publish within a Week's Very Thankful for giving me an Expert Experience and Thank Airschool Okasha Sajjad from " usgraphics6"

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